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Tesco Community Fund - Thank You!




Ferns CFR was recently selected as a recipient of the current round of the Tesco Community Fund in store this month.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for putting the group forward for this funding of €333.33.

This funding will go towards the purchase of life saving equipment to support our volunteers when working with the National Ambulance service attending medical emergencies in the Ferns, Camolin, Ballyduff and Clologue areas. It will also be used to service & maintain the Public Access AED's located in Ferns, Camolin, Ballyduff & Clonee.

Thank You!

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Ferns CFR - LIVE since Monday the 27th of June 2016!



Ferns CFR have been live since the 27th of June 2016 supporting the National Ambulance Service in the Ferns, Camolin, Clologue, Ballyduff and surrounding areas.

Volunteers are notified directly by the National Ambulance Service when they receive a 999, (or 112), call reporting a possible cardiac arrest or choking incident and because these volunteers are living in the community they can provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, (CPR), until the arrival of the ambulance paramedics. The volunteers are also trained in the use of an Automated External Defibrillator, (AED).

It is critical that someone suffering a heart attack, a stroke or cardiac arrest has medical treatment as soon as possible after the event occurs to ensure that as little permanent damage as possible is done to heart or brain tissue so that they are able to make a full recovery. Every second counts!

Ferns CFR volunteers attended 12 emergencies between going live and early August 2016. Not only were they able to assess and treat the patient if appropriate they were also able to provide comfort and reassurance to the family of the person who suffered the medical emergency.

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Tesco Community Fund - Thank You!




In April Ferns Community First Responders was chosen as one of the good causes to share in the Tesco Community Fund in it's Gorey store.

We would like to thank everyone who put their blue disc in the Ferns CFR slot when they shopped at Tescos as today we were presented with a cheque for €389.61.

This money will go towards the purchase of emergency medical equipment to support our volunteers when supporting the National Ambulance Service by attending cardiac arrest and choking emergencies in the Ferns, Camolin, Ballyduff and Clologue areas.

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St. Edan's Annual Garden Fete: 4th June 2016




St. Edan's annual Garden Fete took place on Saturday 4th June on the grounds of the Deanery.

Thanks to Dean Mooney who very kindly permitted us to be present to inform the community on how Ferns Community First Responders intend to help within the community by providing a life saving service to those suffering Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Thanks to those that dropped by to chat and find out more.

Thanks to Jen's Occasions for very kindly sponsoring the balloons.

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Ferns Parish Field Day: 29th May 2016




We have had a very busy couple of weeks spreading awareness of Ferns Community First Responders and how we work in conjunction with the National Ambulance Service and how our volunteers will be on hand to provide life saving care before the arrival of the National Ambulance Service Paramedics.

We would like to thank Ferns Parish Council for giving us permission to have a stand at the recent field day on the 29th May. Thanks to everyone that visited the stand and thanks to those who gave donations which are vitally important for us to provide this life saving service within the community.


Archive Articles Below:


Training For 16 First Responders: 2nd April 2016

Sixteen volunteer First Responders received training in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and the proper use of the Automated External Defibrillator - (AED), in the Community Centre in Ferns last Saturday.

This is a major step for Ferns CFR on the way to going live with a First Responder service to support the National Ambulance Service in the Ferns area.

We would like to thank Bridget Sinnott and Sandra Mc Crudden for all the hard work in getting everyone trained up. They not only taught the relevant skills necessary to become a First Responder, they also were able to speak from personal experience about what is actually involved and what to expect when acting as a First Responder.


Ferns CFR sharing Tesco Community Fund: 28th April 2016

Ferns CFR has been selected by Tesco to share in the current round of their Community Fund at the Gorey Store. If you are shopping in Tesco Gorey please put the blue disc you receive at the checkout in the Ferns CFR tube as you leave the store.

All the funds we receive will be used to purchase life saving equipment to support our volunteers when attending Cardiac Arrest emergencies.

Thank You!


Thanks to everyone who took came along to our Open Day last Saturday the 20th Feb. We had a great response to our appeal for volunteers to either become First Responders or to help with the administration & coordination activities of the group.

We will be sending out application packs to anyone who expressed an interest in the near future and we will also be scheduling First Responder training over the coming weeks.

Remember if you missed the Open Day or have any questions or queries please get in touch by email: or on Facebook: Ferns CFR. Thanks again for the support!




Come along to our Open Day on Saturday the 20th of February 2016 and find out more about the Ferns First Responder Group.

We will explain why this is a vital service for the Ferns area and why every second counts in the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest to ensure that the person’s life can be saved. The sooner the heart can be restarted the less likelihood there is of damage to the vital organs of the body.

We will be demonstrating the equipment that a first responder will use during an emergency call out.

An ambulance can take some time to reach a patient in a remote area. Every second counts in the event of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the sooner someone with proper training in the use of an AED gets to the person the more likelihood that they can be revived without damage to the brain or other vital organs of the body.

One of the aims of Ferns CFR is to provide training in CPR and the proper use of AED’s to members of the public and voluntary organisations and groups in the Ferns area.

The more people that are properly trained increases the likelihood that someone who suffers Sudden Cardiac Arrest will have a person close to them who can deliver this lifesaving support as soon as possible. Remember every second is vital in the event of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Research has shown that every minute that passes without the administration of CPR reduces the person’s likelihood of survival by 10%. This means that after 10 minutes the chance of survival is very limited.


Ferns CFR committee & members with representatives of The Irish Heart Foundation, the National Ambulance Service & Arklow CFR.

Photo Courtesy of Riverchapel CFR Group